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As stated in the title, there have been a lot of changes going on here at my nerd side of things. I’ve cut down on social, made email changes, and got a new number. All in about a day and a half. So let me cover it all.

Cutting down on social…

I’ve been on the Meta 3(Threads, Instagram, and Facebook), BlueSky, Mastodon, X, and Nostr for some time now. Well for as long as some have existed and longer for others. But there are three that hold little value to me and are run by the corporate overlords, who I don’t want controlling anything I use these days, well as little as possible. So I killed five of them, X, BlueSky, Facebook, Instagram and Threads. Mind you, the accounts still exist but I removed the apps from my devices and I’m going to dedicate my time to the more liberating platforms, which are Nostr and Mastodon.

Email Changes…

There aren’t many email services I haven’t tried, and there are a few I really like. But in an effort to get myself away from more centralized systems I’ve decided to go back to self hosting my own email. Yes, I know it’s work and will come with headaches. But it’s just worth it to break away from Microsoft, Apple, Google, …etc. So I rolled a VPS and used Mail-in-a-Box to set up a server.

New number…

I’ve had two phones for some time now with only one ever being active with a SIM in it. I changed that yesterday and got another number. So, now I have my iPhone 14 Pro and my Pixel 7 Pro ready for action at all times. Also, thanks to T-Mobile Digits, I can have both numbers ring both phones allowing me to just pick up the one I feel like using that day. This of course if anything is incredibly wasteful, but I get so sick of SIM swapping.

I may make some more changes here really soon, I want to keep decentralizing myself technologically. I don’t know how far I can go though.


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