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I just finished listening to the “Console Wars” book on Audible. Though my initiation was in the Atari and Intellivision era, my teen years were in the Nintendo and Sega era. Though it was a history of the big video game makers of the 90s, I felt it was a walk down memory lane because of all the cues to the pop culture I grew up in. I remembered the specific game releases and even could guess the titles they were talking about before they gave them away. If you were a geek growing up in this time period, I think you would genuinely enjoy it.

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My learning journey consists of many tools. I started on Codecademy's Ruby path. I have also bought some books today. The first one is Learning to Program (3rd Edition) by Chris Pine, which you can also find free online, but I want the author to reap the rewards. I actually have the 1st and 2nd editions of this book which is on its 3rd now. As I said in previous posts, I have wanted to learn Ruby for a very long time.

The second book I bought was Programming Ruby 3.2 (5th Edition), which Chris Pine recommends as a follow-up to the Learning to Program book.

And finally, I needed something to help me learn Emacs so I bought Mastering Emacs by Mickey Petersen. This I can keep open as I try to figure out how to use Emacs.

I bought them all in digital format since they will be most useful opened up on my screen. The first two aren't actually in print yet. I may get print versions if I really enjoy them. I will start digging into them tonight, till then.

Cheers! Tim

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