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I’m pondering social media this morning. I have an account on X, BlueSky, Threads, Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon, and Nostr. I’m also on Matrix, Discord, and IRC. That is a lot of stuff to keep tabs on, like way to much. I don’t think I really get anything out of most of them, maybe two are really worth it.

I think Mastodon and Facebook are the two main ones for me. Facebook, because of real family and friends. Mastodon, because most of the tech people I like are on there at least occasionally. That basically fills all my needs. Maybe Nostr would be a far third, mainly because it’s interesting and has more tech and geekery on it.

As far as X, BlueSky, and threads go I think I may have to cut the cord. I find it hard to part, but probably should just force the issue for myself. I can’t think of any good that comes from them.

If anyone has thoughts on why a person should keep one over another, please share.